In Memory Of….


Henry Ong, Sr. passed away August 10, 1960

George J.Q. Ong passed away August 27, 1964

Ernest Yee Wing Dong passed away 1967

Ong Hung Yen passed away January 3, 1972

Henry Gong passed away 1974

Wing F. Ong passed away December 23, 1977

Harry Yen passed away July 24, 1978

Board Members: 

Nicky Yu

Freddy Ong

Willie M. Yee

Warren Yee

Edmund Tang passed away June 30, 2003

Robin Yap passed away December 7, 2007

Brian Wing Ong passed away March 25, 2008

Paul Dong passed away January 24, 2009

Roger Painchaud passed away January 4, 2010

Marvin Henderson Ong passed away July 11, 2013

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