President Bernard Wu, Esq.
Vice Presidents Wesley Ong
Joyce Chan
English Secretary Steven Tai
Chinese Secretary Elena Zee, CFP
Treasurer Victor Ong
Auditor Tony Kong, CPA
Events Chair Christine Halvorson
Membership Chair Elena Zee
Corporate Sponsor Chair Liz Aiken
Scholarship Chair Beverly Ong
Victor Ong
Advisor Rosalind Ong Onodera
Barry Wong
Executive Chairpersons Joyce Chan – Events & Banquet Chair
Marinna Lin – Sponsorship Chair
Victor Ong – Scholarship Co-Chair
Beverly Ong – Scholarship Co-Chair
James Weldy – Website
Vanessa Hu – Membership Chair

Board of Directors:

Joyce Chan; Aileen Fung; Tony Kong, CPA; John Lee, Ph.D., PE; Marinna Lin; Beverly Ong; Victor Ong; Wesley Ong; Steven Tai; Jing Wang; Johnny Wing; Bernard Wu, Esq.; Al Yee; Edward Yue; Elena Zee, CFP

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